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    Blackscreen after changing CPU -pls help-


      I've buyed an Intel core duo T2400 for my Acer Extensa 5230.
      When i put the CPU in and start the Laptop i get only a black/no screen.
      The Status LEDs and drive works fine but there is nothing on screen.
      After a few seconds the PC automatically shuts down and restarts.
      When i put my old Processor in everything works fine again!


      When i touch the CPU (T2400) its really hot and i tried Thermal conductivity Paste (sorry if its the wrong word,im not english) but theres again just a black screen.


      Ive got the latest BIOS version.And i think the CPU is compatible with my laptop......


      It seems like the PC/BIOS/Mainboard does not detect/accept the new CPU?!


      Is there anything i can do?
      Please help me....