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    How to use FW_RCVR and RCVR_MODE pins?


      Could someone please clarify what levels should FW_RCVR and RCVR_MODE pins be for normal boot mode and for recovery over USB?

      I'm asking because Intel Edison Module Hardware Guide and Intel Edison Kit for Arduino Hardware Guide provide very limited information.

      Intel Edison Module Hardware guide:

      4.11 Special software recovery

      Edison has two signals used during boot, to cause the SoC to force firmware and OS image download and is useful

      to provide a recovery mechanism in the event of a corrupted flash image. These signals are FW_RCVR on pin 69,

      and RCVR_MODE on pin 31. The FW_RCVR signal must be held low during boot until RESET_OUT# goes high.


      Intel Edison Kit for Arduino Hardware Guide:

      8.1 FWR_RCVR and RCVR_MODE

      SW1UI3 and SW1UI4 are used to recover an Intel® Edison board that has a corrupted software image. Powering off

      the Intel® Edison board and then pressing FWR_RCVR and then applying power will cause the Intel® Edison board

      to go to firmware recovery mode. The Intel® Edison board will be ready to receive a new image over USB. Two

      recovery modes are available depending on the state of the SW1UI4 when power is applied.

      During boot, If FWR_RCVR is high (button FW pressed), the processor attempts to load the firmware from flash

      from the location specified in the UMIP header. During boot, if FWR_RCVR is high (button FW pressed) and

      RCVR_MODE is low (button RM pressed), the processor attempts to download from USB-B port, regardless of the

      UMIP header.


      It would be great to have more information about this and maybe something like a mode table.

      So, what happens in the 4 following cases during boot?


      Low (0)Low (0)?
      Low (0)High (1)?
      High (1)Low (0)?
      High (1)High (1)?