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    New 730 SSD 480GB re-allocated sector count.



      I've just replaced my failing SSD with an Intel 730 480GB as I've had no issues with Intel SSDs in the past (I have a 180GB 330 SSD in my mini ITX PC and a 240GB 530 SSD in my parents PC).

      I always run checks on new hardware to make sure everything is OK and the re-allocated sector cout, with just the OS installed on a fresh SSD is already down to 98 (I hope it's down to and not up to as the threshold is 0 ). Is this normal? If a drive is already re-allocating sectors with just the OS installed should i be worried about the logevity and realiability of the drive? (I chose the 730 over the 530 for 2 reasons - firstly it has an Intel controller and previous intel made controllers were very very good and secondly because the endurance is rated @ 70GB/day over the 530's 20GB/day for 5 years so I'm hoping for a drive that will last me the 5 years )


      Also one other query regarding the warranty.

      The drive they had available was only an OEM part and not a full retail box (with Product Code SSDSC2BP480G410 and firmware L2010420 which I'm assuming is the latest? SSD Toolbox didnt find any updates).

      I know the retailer covers the warranty of OEM parts so if I have any issues with the drive I can go to them and have it replaced or if it's EOL they can swap it for an equivalent model. My query is...should the retailer go out of business within those 5 years would Intel cover the warranty or would I be left without?


      Thank you for any help.