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    WHEA-Logger Event ID 47


      Having issues, so I do a google search and retrieve an HP article about this. The HP support page says it is not an HP issue rather an Intel Xeon E7 8800, 4800, or 2800-series processor issue. I have (2) E5-2630 v2 that I am receiving this same message on though. The system will go unresponsive (not BSOD) but just kind of... black out. And I have to hard power cycle.


      Event ID 47 Reads:
      A corrected hardware error has occurred.


      Component: Memory

      Error Source: Corrected Machine Check



      HP further states:

      "Frequent transitions to package C3/C6 memory self-refresh during some idle workloads may increase the number of recoverable (corrected) SMI link events observed. While a low occurrence of recoverable events is normal for high speed processor busses, the rate of recoverable events may increase during some idle conditions due to the higher number of SMI link disable-enable transitions occurring."

      As a workaround, the "Minimum Processor Idle Power Package State" utilized by the server can be modified from its default value of "Package C3 State" to the "No Package State." Modifying this setting will prevent the issue described in this advisory


      I tried this and am still receiving these messages. My system was working fine - and then I reconfigured the HD's and turned OFF HT in the bios. I personally don't feel like running Hyper-V with HT gains much performance and "lags" the system when it is under a real load of VMs. This is my first post - so I'm not certain where to start but I feel like this is the area for direction.


      Thanks in advance.