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    Open-source BIOS


      To whom it may concern,


      You may not know it, but there is a rapidly growing movement of people trying to make an open-source BIOS. In fact, they've already succeed for many motherboards. You can get more information at coreboot.org.


      I know that if you open source your BIOS, then other companies will copy you, and for this reason I do not ask that you do that. If you open-sourced the BIOS only once it has reached end of life, you would not be giving up valuable intellectual property, and you would increase your reputation within the open-source community.


      Yours sincerely,



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          Hey thanks for the info / I'll sign in to the community.


          It would be great if Intel could release the BIOS code for the EOL products, a full open source code for e.g. DZ68BC


          I feel that many people suffered the injustice brought upon us by the 0035 BIOS and Up for the DZ68BC, I'm willing to experiment on the DZ68BC BIOS so Intel please open source the BIOS to this board as its what made me interested in wanting to learn codding for BIOS so i can fix the issues i don't think its that hard i can easily give it my best to fix it with help from the above mentioned community.


          Go Intel DZ68BC BIOS Code for as so it can finally be the glorious board it was meant to be.

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            Thank you for all this information. We really appreciate all feedback from the community.

            I have sent this to the corresponding department for consideration.


            Kevin M

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              Thanks! I'll be waiting for a response.

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                I am sorry for the delay on this process. I am checking with development but at this point there is no information yet. I will be back as soon as I have something for you.


                Kevin M

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                  Sorry for the delay. Based on my research this is really difficult to do due to security risks.

                  Intel is very protective and has developed security in BIOS to protect not only Intel technology but also our customers.


                  Kevin M