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    Unable to use Intel Express Bios setup DP45SG?


      hi Budds

      Hi Budds i am getting this weird kind of error when i try to use the Intel Express Bios setup to update the Bios of DP45SG latest one how can i fix it pls help me out wait for ur reply


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          I didn't even bother with this -- I don't trust flashing BIOS from within Windows at all.


          Have you tried downloading the ISO Image of the BIOS Update?  That's super easy -- just set the BIOS so it will boot off the CD, stick in CDR with the ISO image, and turn the computer on.  Wait until it says it has flashed the BIOS (it is pretty crazy, it appears to reboot a couple of times during the process), and then remove the CDR and turn the computer off for 30 seconds before powering up again.