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    got first bluetooth low energy (BLE) device connected!


      … not really knowing what is missing on OS (except the gatttool) I finally got my BLE device connected, here is the trick:


      build 68 and using mini breakout board:


      rfkill unblock bluetooth

      hciconfig hci0 up

      hcitool lescan

      LE Scan ...

      00:07:80:7F:5B:C0 (unknown)

      00:07:80:7F:5B:C0 blueIOT 807F5BC0



      now the trick, use hcitool to get a stable connection first !


      hcitool lecc 00:07:80:7F:5B:C0

      returns a Connection handle 65



      [NEW] Controller 98:4F:EE:01:FA:E3 BlueZ 5.18 [default]

      [NEW] Device 00:07:80:7F:5B:C0 00-07-80-7F-5B-C0


      [bluetooth]# info 00:07:80:7F:5B:C0

      Device 00:07:80:7F:5B:C0

        Alias: 00-07-80-7F-5B-C0

        Paired: no

        Trusted: no

        Blocked: no

        Connected: yes

        LegacyPairing: no


      BLE device is now successfully connected AND keeps it connection, JUST using bluetoothctl and "connect 00:07:80:7F:5B:C0"

      will cause an immediate drop of connection, if you use the trick with hcitool lecc 00:07:80:7F:5B:C0 you do get a stable connection.


      next step will be getting some libs on Edison to read and write sensor data from my little BLE device …