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    multiple definition of mraa problem


      I ran into a issue while using mraa today.

      I am using IoT with Eclipse on the Edison dev board.


      I have 2 source files.




      Myapp.cpp is where main() is at. So i added #include "mraa.hpp" so that i can set up some I/O pins there right away.

      In main(), i want to communicate with a SPI device, I like to have a x.cpp for each device i deal with to keep things clean and know where to find them.

      Thus i created the SPI_control.cpp file to handle all the SPI stuff for me.

      In main() i call one of SPI_control.cpp functions like Init_LCD();

      However if i then #include "mraa.hpp" in this file an compile i get an error of "multiple definition of mraa..."


      We should be able to #include "mraa.hpp" in any file that needs to use the mraa lib. Why is this happening ?