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    Low latency interrupts, Intel I210, Xeon E3-1200v3 series




      I was wondering. On the Intel driver under Windows 2008 R2, in the driver settings, there is an option called "Low Latency Interrupts" where we can define particular TCP ports to bypass the interrupt moderation and trigger immediate interrupt.

      I would be interested in that feature however I would like intel to confirm it would work on my system.


      Earlier this year I have asked if the 1200v3 series Xeon E3 supported I/OAT and I have been answered by a negative answer.

      Therefore, I'm not too sure if my system would support low latency inetrrupts.

      If I cannot use Low Latency Interrupts, I'll just turn off interrupt moderation, altough it could be useful for less latency sensitive traffic.


      So my question is :

      Can Low Latency Interrupts work on an E3-1200v3 series system (I have an E3-1241v3), or not? Because I see it in driver options...

      However, here at this link: Intel® I/O Acceleration Technology, it seems that Low Latency Interrupts are part of I/OAT.


      And if the answer to this question is not, I would have a feature request:

      PLEASE have this feature greyed out or non apparent on the systems that do not support it, because it's confusing and could lead to bad decisions taken thinking it works.