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    RST frequently access DVDROM and event viewer reported CDROM controller error




      Has anyone faced this problem with the latest driver?

      I have a windows 7 x64 machine. After I install Intel RST version, I can hear the sound of my DVDROM being accessed from time to time despite there is no disc inside. Apart from that, the log in the event viewer also showed CDROM controller error.






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          Thanks you for sharing this feedback. We have not received reports from other users related to this issue.

          I have been testing a DZ87KLT-75K motherboard with a RAID 1 setup running the latest Intel® Rapid Storage Technology and all drivers updated and I have not been able to replicate this issue so I would say there is something else causing the inconvenience.


          It is important to say that Intel® Rapid Storage Technology has an internal event log but the information is not visible. When the Intel® Rapid Storage Technology is uninstalled, all logs will be added to Windows even log and that is the only way to see that information.


          As part of the troubleshooting steps you can try, I recommend you updating the BIOS of the computer and installing the firmware updates for the ODD.


          Kevin M

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            I had the same issue on Windows 7 x64 Pro with RST, but in my case the DVD LED would go on pretty much solid and Windows would freeze (explorer.exe crash, then explorer.exe would not restart).  The first time it happened I had just clicked Windows Update, then the DVD LED went on and seemed to loop (on for a good while, off for a second, on for a good while etc.), Windows then froze.  I figured that maybe it was an isolated incident since it was the first reboot Windows had done since the RST package and a few other driver packages were installed.  After a few more reboots and program installs, it happened a second time while clicking on Windows Update.  At this point, the only options concerning RST that I had changed were to disable LPM in the 'Performance' tab of the RST console, and setting RST for Automatic instead of Automatic (Delayed) in Windows Services.


            I install this configuration of components quite regularly, and RST along with Intel HD Graphics were the only two drivers in use that I hadn't installed before, so I decided to uninstall Intel RST first.  Guess what?  During the uninstall, it froze with the same symptoms at about 25% complete.


            I use WDS to install most PC's, and it's set to deliver network and storage drivers upon the install of whichever version of Windows I wish to deploy.  I removed the RST driver from the WDS driverstore, and added RST back.  I reinstalled the same PC just as I had previously, and the issue did not reoccur while the RST package was in use.


            System specs:

            ASUS B85M-E/CSM -  BIOS 2105 / Intel ME 5MB Firmware  (BIOS set for AHCI mode, CSM enabled with secure boot and UEFI boot disabled)

            Intel Core i5 4590

            1x Crucial CT102464BA160B 8GB 1600Mhz

            Intel 530 Series 240GB   DC32 Firmware  (SATA6G_1 / Port 0)

            LG GH24NSB0  LM01 Firmware  (SATA3G_2 / Port 5)


            Windows 7 x64 Professional ** The install.wim that I used has been updated offline with all Windows updates up to and including September 2014's 'update Tuesday', so only the October updates were not installed at the time of the issue **


            Driver versions:

            ASUS AMDA00 ACPI Driver:

            Intel Chipset INF:

            Intel ME Software:

            Intel RST:

            Intel HD Graphics:

            Intel SSD Toolbox:  3.2.3

            Intel USB 3.0:

            Realtek LAN:  7.089.0716.2014

            Realtek HD Audio:


            Extra Software installed at time of crash:

            Microsoft .Net 4.5.2

            Microsoft Silverlight 5.1.30514.0

            Microsoft IE11 (Included in updated install.wim)


            If I have time in the near future, I'll try it again with the same parts but different S/N's.

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              I loaded up the same set of components minus the Intel 530 SSD--in its place I used a Seagate ST3160813AS 160GB HDD.  This time I used a stock copy of Windows 7 x64 Professional, and loaded the same drivers / software as above with the exception of the SSD Toolbox and IE11.  No Windows updates were added, LPM was left at default (enabled), and I didn't alter the Service setting for Intel RST.  Again, the issue presents itself when RST is in use.  All of this is being done in Audit mode when logged in as Administrator.


              Some other tidbits:


              -  Sometimes it happens when a few Windows have been opened and closed.  It seems to happen on Computer Management the most...no idea why.

              -  Task Manager shows one core at 17-20% usage even though according to the processes tab, there are no processes using CPU resources (99% idle)

              -  Sometimes Windows locks, and sometimes it doesn't, although the DVD LED still blinks.

              -  If left to it for five or so minutes, it sometimes clears itself up.

              -  The only event I see in event viewer is "Event ID 129 for IaStorA:  Reset to Device, \Device\RaidPort0\ was issued." under the System events, and it only occurred once, even though there were at least five instances of the DVD LED issue.


              The top image shows CPU usage at the bottom of the Task Manager window during the DVD LED event, the bottom image shows the CPU process declining after the event has cleared up:


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                Hi Gize,


                I have the same observation as you. I didn't have this problem with RST 13.1, it is only RST 13.2 that give me problem.

                Anyway I reverted back to the last version of RST12 and it doesn't give me any issue as well, so it must be some change in the RST13.2 that caused all these issues.


                Hi kevin_Iintel,


                I didn't have any raid setup on this Dell PC and BIOS is already the latest.



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                  I think it's fair to say that the release is a dud. I've also experienced the optical drive problems described in this thread, plus two machines with Smart Response Technology enabled have had strange problems too - taking a long time to shut down and occasionally crashing on startup.


                  There's a new version, (WHQL certified), floating around on the Internet, although it isn't currently on Intel's Download Center. I've tested it here and found that it corrects all the problems I've experienced with, so presumably someone at Intel's fully aware of that driver's shortcomings.


                  Intel: Time to get on with it and publish the new version properly!

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                    Hi , I have almost the same problem with windows 8.1 pro , Every time i want to write a DVD Windows gets freeze!


                    System specs:

                    ASUS B85M-E

                    Intel Core i5 4460

                    DVD Writer Pioneer DVR-219L

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                      Hello intel forum,


                      I was so happy to find this thread. We almost returned our brand new laptop! Luckily we didn't. After experiencing this issue very severeIy and after doing very extensive testings I can absoutely assure you that this Problem exists and that it's starts and Ends with the Installation of RST And that no other Production Version of RST coincides with the issue either.


                      I contacted intel yesterday via motherboard Support real email address. I hope they forgive me that. I simply didn't find an actual email address to Report that this issue is very severe on our PC and that the testing at intel as posted above was definitely not enough, since the issue is real. At first I thought to return the crucial SSD only. At crucial there are some reports about rst and mx100 producing sysrem error reports in Windows resulting from encryptionand rst incompatibility. But at the end none of those Problems exist at all on our system. Haswell, HM8, Win81U1, RST 13.1, MX100 SSD and that LG ODD work perfectly and wonderfully stable together in this lenovo. Our best PC ever.


                      MehdiM: As the mentioned discussion exists, just for completeness of the fact-pool of involvements, could you please post your SSD brand/model if you like and of course if it was imgburn that crashed?


                      Burning DVDs freeze: Among a number of heavy issues I can absolutely confirm total System breakdown with RST 13.2 and imgburn. As well as totally stable operation with RST 13.1 and imgburn.


                      My case at Lenovo Forum is here: G50-70: empty DVD-drive clicking and freezing othe... - Lenovo Community

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                        Thank you for sharing all this information. We are really looking into this issue but I will need to have more information.


                        Please provide the following:


                        1. Make sure all drivers are updated including BIOS and IRST and then attach your dxdiag report here. How to get it?

                        Dxdiag Report: Type dxdiag in Start Menu> open> Save> Attach using Advanced Editor Options.


                        1. Please run the System Identification Utility and post the code generated by the software. Here is the link:



                        1. Post what versions are working fine and what versions are failing? 
                        2. As I mentioned before, I was not able to reproduce the issue from our side with the hardware I have but if you have a path to reproduce the issue let us know.


                        It is also important to know what hardware you are using such as motherboard brand/model and HDD brand and model.


                        I really appreciate all the information you can provide. I completely understand your frustration and If I were you I would feel the same but let me help you.


                        Kevin M

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                          Hello Kevin,

                          thank you very much for replying. The issue has already been fully correted in RST 13.5, but I will provide as much info as possible. The only problem I have is that the pc is active in work use in a "mission critical" setup now and I am not allowed to do changes (it's my father's pc). I had this conversation already with Fred from intel mainboard email support. I also sent system reports. When Fred replied I already used RST 13.5 from french site station-drivers. I asked if it's fine with intel that I use this version and most importantly that I obtain the driver from that site. He did not say that I'm not allowed. Only that it's beta version. I hope it's fine with everybody at intel that I use RST 13.5 from that site. I will explain why I don't use 13.1 instead of 13.2 below (tested rst versions -> 13.1 and note). The DXDiag report I attached here is with RST 13.5 installed as well. Here are the infos that come to mind. Please ask for specific infos you might need and I have not named:

                          laptop: lenovo G50-70 20351, BIOS version 9ACN28WW (V28 in short, this is the latest G50-70 BIOS)

                          motherboard: lenovo G50-70 laptop motherboard

                          CPU/NB/GPU: intel CORE i3 Haswell-2C-3MB-GT2HD4400 C0-stepping 4010U

                          SB: 8-series (integrated on CPU/NB/GPU-board)

                          RAM: crucial CT2KIT25664BF160BJ (2x2GB-Kit DDR3L-1600-CL11-1.35V), replaced original RAM RAMAXEL RMT3170EF68F9W-1600 (1x4GB-module DDR3L-1600-CL11-1.35V) before very first boot

                          second GPU: none

                          SSD: crucial CT128MX100SSD1 (MX100 2.5"x7mm/128GB/SATA600), firmware version MU01 (this is the latest MX100 firmware)

                          HDD: none, replaced by the MX100 SSD before very first boot, originally the pc had one, namely a WD "WD Blue" WD5000LPCX-24C6HT0 (2.5"x7mm/500GB/SATA600)

                          ODD: HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GUA0N, firmware version AL00

                          LAN: unknown Realtek PCI-E 10Mbit/100Mbit LAN

                          SD-Card Reader: unknown REALTEK USB2.0 card reader

                          WLAN/BT: Qualcomm Atheros QCA9565 on a M.2 board by LITEON

                          audio: Conexant CX20757 (former ADI SoundMax afaik)

                          camera: REALTEK lenovo easycamera

                          touchpad: ELAN PS/2 touchpad

                          - OS and tools of relevance -

                          Win8.1-Upd1-64 (installed with SecureBoot)

                          CrystalDiskInfo 6.2.1

                          - drivers -

                          intel InfUpdate 10.0.13
                          intel RapidStorage
                          intel video
                          REALTEK LAN driver 8.034
                          REALTEK SD-Card reader driver
                          Qualcomm WLAN driver
                          Qualcomm BT driver
                          Conexant audio driver
                          REALTEK lenovo easycamera driver 6.2.9200.10253
                          ELAN touchpad driver

                          Now the issue as completely as I can tell:


                          - tested RST versions -

                 perfectly stable. Makes PC perfect and best PC ever owned with coolest SSD operation ever in addition.
                 30sec-time-blocks of Windows Explorer and USB-storage read/write operation freezes, total system breakdowns with IMGBurn tool
                 no issues except for a possible short and harmless but strange empty ODD disc cursor screen flashing after boot (could never reproduce it again)
                 perfectly stable
                 perfectly stable

                          note: SSD was about 2°C warmer in idle in CrystalDiskInfo with RST 12.8, 12.9 and 13.1 than with RST 13.2 and 13.5. It looks to me like this is completely independent from the 13.2 clicking and freeze and 13.1 flashing issues but simply is a result of improvement of RST. The cooler idle mode SSD is another reason why I use 13.5 and not 13.1 as a 13.2 replacement.


                          - 13.2 freezes and reproducing one -

                          After cold boot or restart empty ODD "clicks" (clicking noise) every 3 seconds for about 30 seconds. Sometimes for another 30 seconds. Windows Explorer doesn't update drive icons while clicking. Just green bar running and running.

                          When a 16GB SanDisk USB3.0 Cruzer Ultra USB-stick was connected and diskpart run, opening of diskpart and commands like clean, create partition primary, active, format quick and exiting diskpart hang while clicking. Same happened with two other 16GB USB3.0 Cruzer Ultra sticks.

                          With ImgBurn installed laptop became useless until uninstalled. Always clicking, couldn't eject disc, pc could not power off anymore. Even clicking when pc almost powered off and only fan was spinnning and Win8.1 showed the blue powering off or restarting window. Before that, ImgBurn once opened could not be closed anymore. New and perfect  empty Verbatim DVD+R discs were not recognised by ImgBurn. Showing no disc/write to disc greyed out.

                          No damage was ever done to data or hardware by the issue. After clicking, operation simply continues and everything is good.

                          Turning off Link Power Management in the RST GUI didn't help. Turning off showing RST in the task bar didn't help. Booting in Windows safe mode stopped clicking and freezing.

                          Reproducing the issue: Install RST 13.2 connect the USB stick and start diskpart and the diskpart commands described. Clicking and freezes will start at first or second tries to trigger it with diskpart commands. Or install ImgBurn. System will become useless.

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                            Thank you for sharing this information. I will pass it to development.

                            In the meantime, can you provide the link where you downloaded the 13.5?


                            Kevin M

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                              Sure I will send the download link. But am I allowed to do that publicly? I requested friendship connection for pm. So I could pm the link. Does this board have pm function?


                              Or, if not, please post if I am clearly allowed by intel to name the link in a public post.


                              Many thanks.

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                                Yes sure, there is no problem posting that information here. At this point PM are disabled.


                                Kevin M

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                                  I installed a newer version of RST ( and my problem solved. but this version isn't currently on intel's download center!

                                  Thank you for attention.

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