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    Getting started with sensors for Edison


      Hi all,


      I am looking for resources to help me with understanding how to work with sensors attached to the Edison. There is an IoT devkit https://software.intel.com/en-us/iot/devkit with documentation and software for working with the sensors, but I will need some assistance on the hardware side. Specific questions are:


      Can I use the sensors from the Grove Starter Kit to attach them to the Edison instead of the Arduino board?

      Can I use the sensors from the Grove Starter Kit for Galileo? There seems to be no special version aimed at Edison.

      Do you have any suggestions on where I can buy a sound/accelerometer sensor separately for the Edison? SparkFun appear to have a motion sensor pack but not a microphone.

      Is there any information on how I should align the pins if I am to attach a microphone to the Edison module?


      Any pointers are much appreciated.