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    Turning Edison into an iBeacon ...


      rfkill unblock bluetooth

      hciconfig hci0 up
      hcitool lescan
      LE Scan ...
      63:58:79:E0:17:7C (unknown) In this example an Estimote Beacon was found!
      63:58:79:E0:17:7C (unknown)
      Ctrl+C Stop Scan

      OK Bluetooth Low Energy based on blueZ (5.18) is up and running!

      hciconfig hci0 leadv >> now you can discover with any BLE explorer an "BlueZ 5.18" service, which you can't connect to yet
      hcitool -i hci0 cmd 0x08 0x0008 1E 02 01 1A 1A FF 4C 00 02 15 63 6F 3F 8F 64 91 4B EE 95 F7 D8 CC 64 A8 63 B5 00 00 01 00 C8

      >> exposing and iBeacon does not yet work - anybody out there who tried it?


      Update - this tool is quite handy, it will measure also RSSI value changes on BLE devices!

      [bluetooth]# scan on (starts scan of Bluetooth devices 2.0 up to 4.0 BLE devices!)

      [NEW] Device 56:F1:16:6B:51:A8 RSSI: -55
      [CHG] Device 56:F1:16:6B:51:A8 RSSI: -38
      [bluetooth]# scan off
      [bluetooth]# connect 56:F1:16:6B:51:A8 
      Attempting to connect to 56:F1:16:6B:51:A8
      [CHG] Device 56:F1:16:6B:51:A8 Connected: yes
      Connection successful
      [CHG] Device 56:F1:16:6B:51:A8 UUIDs: >>> will discover all BLE services!
      [CHG] Device 56:F1:16:6B:51:A8 Appearance: 0x0040
      [CHG] Device 56:F1:16:6B:51:A8 Icon: phone

      - reliable?? not really facing lot disconnects ...

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