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    Turning Edison into an WLAN/WiFi Access Point


      Turning Edison into an WLAN/WiFi Access Point:

      link - confirmed, working with mini breakout board as well just press the power button >4sec & <7sec sec and you will
      find a hotspot with the name you have given your Edison during setup, use the given root pwd
      to get a connection. My Edison can now be reached e.g. from smartphone via SSH<your Edison IP address>
      ATTENTION: will stay in AP mode after reboot!


      You want manuelly to switch back from AP mode in Client mode of Wifi? simply run configure_edison --setup again

      systemctl stop hostapd
      systemctl disable hostapd
      systemctl enable wpa_supplicant
      systemctl start wpa_supplicant
      wpa_cli reconfigure
      wpa_cli select_network wlan0
      udhcpc -i wlan0

      hint: if you want to understand more about the power switch settings check this link (external)