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    ubilinux (Debian) now available from Emutex Labs


      Hi all,


      There’s now a flash-installable version of Debian available for Edison. It’s called ubilinux, and is a follow-on from the previous work done on the ubilinux distribution for Galileo and Galileo Gen2.


      ubilinux page here


      Functionality available out of the box:


        Mutli-function gadget (Storage, Network, Serial)


        Arduino IDE compatibility with sketch download daemon

        C and C++ compiler



        wpa-supplicant and HostAPD


      If there’s something missing that you need, just use ‘apt-get install’ to get it from the pre-selected Debian repositories.


      We’ve chosen the “flashall.sh -b” method to install onto the Edison, as we’ve increased the size of the root partition to a size that’s larger than the max size allowed by the OTA upgrades. This is to give users more space for installing packages. You need a linux platform or a Linux live-boot platform to use the flashall.sh script. See the Installation Instructions here: Installation instructions


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      Note: It's probably good if the first thing you do once you get your board connected to the internet is do an "apt-get install ntp" which will automatically set the system clock. Otherwise it's set to a date in the year 2000.

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      xFSTK (as mentioned below) is no longer needed if you tweak the flashall.sh script as described in this post:


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