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    is Patriot PV34G160LC9S compatible with a D34010WYKH NUC?


      I'm having trouble finding a local source to purchase compatible ram for the D34010WYKH Kit I bought.


      I do have a frys within driving distance (30 miles from my house), and they currently have Patriot PV34G160LC9S 4GB 1.35V DDR3 available. I had previously tried with two 2GB DDR3L 1.35V hynix memory modules that were pulled from a Intel Mac Mini, but they don't work, just get the 3 flashing light post cost which indicates incompatible or bad memory. tried testing each module in both memory slots so know it's not that one of them is bad.


      I'm hoping someone has been able to use this ram successfully even if intel doesn't have it on the compatible memory list as noone has any of the listed compatible memory available for sale locally.