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    Intel reduce the pain for us using Eclipse


      If you have downloaded the C/C++ Application Development Toolkit from here:

      IoT* - SuperZone - Get Started with the Intel® IoT Dev Kit Beta | Intel® Developer Zone


      Then you already know how much of a pita it is to set up a new project.

      At this point I am not sure if they are just behind the 8 ball, or just have the wrong group of people working on it.

      From a Intel employee blog....http://blog.dimitridiakopoulos.com/2014/09/10/hands-on-intel-edison/

      This guy hit the nail on the head, they should have had his insight on the team.


      Intel has a long way to go toward this endeavor. I though it might be a good idea to light a fire under them by showing how easily others have set up Eclipse.

      Eclipse is awesome, but the way they have it set up is horrible.


      P.S. I am not a Edison hater. In fact quite the opposite. I think this is one of the slickest things out right now. We just need Intel to get a handle on things faster & far better.


      Here is my video


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          Thanks for the feedback. This is a beginning and we have a long road ahead. We will take your view as an input and try to improve the product.

          Thanks again we really appreciate your time.

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            Hi Mike,

            Thanks and appreciate your feedback. I am the IoT Devkit product manager responsible for the software product requirements and roadmap. I can assure you that fixing the Eclipse user experience issues including providing an easy option to create a new project from the Eclipse menu as opposed copying and starting from one of the given templates is one of our "Top Priority" requirement we are planning. I very well recognize the importance of listening and acting on the feedback we receive from our developers. We have received very similar feedback from our other Eclipse developers as well and we are already acting on immediately addressing this particular issue. I am very confident that we have a good roadmap of fixes and enhancements that will turn you into a happy IoT devkit user. I also would like to connect with you to share some of the other things we are doing, get your input/feedback and identify potential gaps in the product we may have. I am personally active on the IoT devkit software community http://software.intel.com/iot

            Please keep the feedback coming, Do note that we are listening and are here to help developers use IoT devkit to create innovative IoT solutions for Intel Galileo and Intel Edison.


            Thanks for your patience as we work on moving IoT Devkit from "Beta" to a Gold release.


            Best regards,

            Ajay Mungara

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              I am very glad to hear your response! Since I posted this I have regretted it. I did it in a very bad negative light, which i should not have.

              I don't mean to be so negative with most of my posts. Maybe this quick example will show you how i feel.

              This never happened to me , but imagine for your 16'th birthday your parents bought you the car of your dreams. It sitting right there in the driveway all new and shiny.

              You quickly run it it and get in, yet there is no key for it. You ask where is the key i am dying to take it for a ride, and you parents say the manufacture has not made a key yet, you'll just have to wait.  Right there in that moment is how i feel. This Edison module is exactly what i have been dreaming for, its just perfect!  Yet i cannot take it for a drive.


              The frustration comes from the fact that it's clear it was released to soon & far to much emphasis was placed on Arduino. Yocto just made matters worse. Debian would have been a much better solution. Lastly since the tools and source files like issues with mraa not fully functional keeps me from moving full speed forward.


              Hopefully things will get ironed out real soon, and we can start making great products with it!



              P.S I found this site today. It may be of help for you.

              Kinoma Create


              They have some nice tutorials for using eclipse here:

              Kinoma - Develop - Tutorials

              Check out Building Your First App.