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    Intel 530 not recognized as intel


      I purchase an oem version of an Intel 530 SSD (120 GB) from Newegg and I'm having issues with the drive being recognized for migration and firmware updates. I am attempting to migrate my current drive to the SSD via an SATA to USB3 cable.


      When I connect the cable, my computer originally saw it as an non journaled drive. Intel data migration software and Intel SSD toolbox would not recognize the drive as being an Intel SSD. The migration software would give an error that it only works on Intel drives and suggested I buy a program. The SSD toolbox sees the drive but will not report SMART status (again, says it is not an Intel drive) or update the firmware.


      In an attempt to recognize the drive, I created a single NTFS partition. Still isn't "seen" an Intel drive by both Intel programs.


      Attempts to remedy the issue have been;

      • Creating the partition
      • Updating chipset drivers (thinking my usb3 port wasn't working properly)
      • Rebooting the computer with the drive connected
      • Updating to the latest BIOS version


      In device manager, the drive is listed as "ASMT 2115 SCSI Disk Device" and is using generic drivers Windows 8 installed.


      What am I doing wrong? Directly connecting the drive to the laptop via SATA is not an option since the laptop does not have an optical drive.