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    "Hardware-assisted virtualization not enabled" Intel E8400, Opti 780 DT, Win 7 Pro 64-bit


      I have a Dell Optiplex 780 Desktop with an Intel E8400 processor running Win 7 Pro SP1 64-bit, with 8GB RAM and a 750GB hard drive.


      Wanted to try to use XP Mode for the first time and so checked the hardware with MS's havdetectiontool.exe.


      It says "Hardware-assisted virtualization is not enabled on this computer".  But both the Intel and Dell specs say I should have it.


      In BIOS, I have ENABLED "Enable Intel Virtualization Technology" and "VT for Direct I/O".  Following various posts, I have NOT enabled "Trusted Execution Technology".  I got the error message with both BIOS A04 and now BIOS A15.

      I have also ENABLED "Execute Disable Bit".


      If I enable Trusted Execution, then havdetectiontool.exe gives me a different error message that hardware virtualization won't work with Trusted Execution turned on.


      The Intel Processor ID Utility says "Intel Virtualization Technology: Yes"
      "Intel VT-x with Extended Page Tables: No".


      I also did a complete reboot with Shutdown - wait - remove AC cord - wait - press front button for a while - wait - AC back in - start up.

      At all times, MS's havdetectiontool.exe continues to say "Hardware-assisted virtualization is not enabled on this computer".


      So what to do?