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    How do I repartition a disk using Intel Rapid Storage Technology?


      I am using IRST on a Windows 7 Ultimate PC (64-bit OS, i5 2550, 8GB).  I have 4 WD 1TB drives, 3 set up as RAID 5 Array, and the other is a simple disk, used as the System Drive.  I wish to add a new partition to the largely unused C: drive on the system drive, so that I can install Windows 8.1 as a second OS.  When I try to shrink the partition in Administrative Tools - Computer Management - Disk Management, I get the following error message:


      When I start the Virtual Disk service and try again, I get the error Message


      All RPC Services are started When Ire- start the RPC Locator  service, I get the same "RPC server is unavailable" message.



      How do I repartition this drive?