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    Centrino Advanced N 6235 Bluetooth not detected



      I have a HP Spectre XT Pro running windows 7 professional 64 bit Service Pack 1. My laptop came with an Intel Centrino 6235 installed. There has never been a problem with the wifi. However, recently on trying to connect a Bluetooth device, I realised there was no Bluetooth adapter detected in the Device Manager. I have updated the BIOS, and all drivers to the latest versions. Proset and bluetooth drivers are all in version 17 now. But Bluetooth just wont show up. I realise that many people are having problems with this adapter. Is there a solution?



      In some of the forums people have suggested tapink pin 51 or pin 20 of the board. I'm wondering if that would help in my case. I'm also wondering if a fresh install of Windows 7 would work. Has somebody finally overcome this problem? Thank you very much.