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    DN2820FYKH won't respond to any IR input (Windows 8.1 64bit)


      Hi guys,


      I'm slowly losing my mind with this infrared not working. I don't know what else to try.


      Previously I was running OpenELEC + PHT with the DN2820FYKH which was working perfectly with my Xbox 360 media remote. I could power on the NUC and navigate and shutdown all with the Xbox 360 media remote and it was great.


      I decided install Windows 8.1 instead since I wanted to make use of the Steam in home streaming feature. The problem is, Windows doesn't respond to any inputs from the remote whatsoever. Funnily enough, I can still power on the NUC with the remote but that's it, after Windows 8.1 loads that's it, no more functionality.


      I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the ITE Tech CIR drivers numerous times with zero result. I'm out of ideas of what else to try.


      Pulling off the battery cover for the Xbox 360 media remote reveals the RC6 logo so presumably it should just work, but it's not and it's very frustrating.


      Reaching out to the Intel community for some ideas on what I could do to fix this.

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          I am not from Intel; this is not a situation unique to NUC.  The Xbox remote has an ID something like 8, while non-Xbox remotes have default ID 1.  Windows by default only responds to ID 1 and a few after that.  If you are comfortable editing the Windows registry, you can search the web for how to change a number in registry (try the terms CodeSetNum0 and Xbox), then reboot, and the remote should be recognized (assuming that the CIR driver is installed).  I think once you find the registry entry, If you change the value of the CodeSetNum0 key from 1 to 0 then it will respond to all remote IDs, or if you change it from 1 to 8 then it will respond to your Xbox remote but not the default Microsoft remote.

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