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    upload new arduino sketch as file over Ethernet instead of IDE upload




      I have a question regarding Intel Galileo 1.


      is it possible to make a build (instead of build and upload) and copy the .elf file directly into the SD-card (with a linux image) and then reboot the Galileo so that is automatically runs the new .elf file?


      What I have done so far


      * Use Arduino IDE for Windows

      * Compile the sketch and fetch the build file which is called <name>.cpp.elf

      * renamed to sketch.elf

      * used scp to copy over ethernet to /media/mmcblk0p1/sketch/sketch.elf

      * rebooted


      When I run diff between /sketch/sketch.elf and /media/mmcblk0p1/sketch/sketch.elf


      It is not the same.


      I probably do not understand fully how the persistent .elf file is read from the SD-card into the running system


      Anyone, any suggestions


      The ultimate goal is to be able to upload new sketches as file over Ethernet