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    i5-2400 max operating temperature while under stress?


      I'm using a sandy i5 2400 and I have run into a problem while playing the new Borderlands game (The Prequel), my core temperatures reach 82C as a max before the temperature stabilizes. I've never had anything like this happen before while playing a game, usually my cores are running around 72C at max while playing games such as Farcry 3, BF4, Borderlands 2, etc...

      All my other temps are reading normal so I am worried that maybe this game is just putting too much stress on my processor?

      I read here (What is a safe operating temperature for the core i5 2400 3.1ghz processor?) that the i5 can reach up to 80-90C and still be OK but is this temperature OK to operate at for extended periods of time?

      I'm assuming it's not but I'm looking for a solid answer here, thank you.