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    Understanding USB issues


      I have D54250WYK I5

      I am aware after researching last night that many people have problems with the USB 3 ports but i cannot seem to find clarity on the issue. Is Intels response that this is hardware or software related?

      I have bought a simple USB 3 unpowered enclosure and fitted a 500GB WD drive. I have windows 7 64bit which pics up the drive and allowed me to format it and copy files to it. I became aware whilst doing this, that periodically the detect and undetect audio warning sounds in windows however file transfer still continues without obvious interruption.


      When i try to play video content from the USB drive, the problems manifest as either VLC or Media player being unable to continually play the file. The periodic and non uniform drive disconnections causes the various players to crash.


      I can again copy the files back to the 120GB internal SSD at which point the file plays without issue.


      I also have a problem whereby my wireless keyboard and mouse disconnect when not in use. I have to unplug and re plug the Wireless dongle to reactivate them.


      I see that there are recent BIOS upgrades and drivers but i am reluctant to install these until i know that this is defiantly the issue as sometimes system updates makes things worse.


      Any help would be appreciated

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          I can see a lot of people that use wireless keyboards and mice have problems. I use wired ones.


          I have the same D54250WYK and use W 8.1 Pro (earlier W7). And I have 5 HDD’s in USB 2.0 boxes and 3 SSD’s in USB 3.0 boxes. All the boxes are from Sandberg. I always use the latest drivers and BIOS.


          There have never been problems playing videos from the boxes with VLC or WMP.


          There was a problem with one of the Chinese USB 3.0 cables that came with one of the boxes; it didn’t fit properly in the USB Mini Slot so only 40 Mbs could be written to the drive.


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            I have exactly the same problem. I run a torrent client and I see this error that files and folders have dissapeared, yet upon recheck everything is in place. Though it's very random - sometimes occurs a few times per day, sometimes don't see it for a few days.

            Windows 7 + WD My Passport (external USB3 drive)

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              In my case, with an USB 3.0 stick 'Patriot' 64 Gb, video playback cuts suddenly, some of the menu options of the right mouse button, for example 'delete' disappears, and the only solution is to uninstall the driver USB 3.0 and install the Windows USB 2.0 driver. It's a shame that Intel does not know how to fix this problem.