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    Trim RAID0 in RST / RAID1 in RSTe?




      We have a server with a Supermicro X9SCM-F mainboard, which uses the C204 chipset.  This server currently has two mechanical drives in RAID1 but were switching to two Intel 530 120GB SSD's (hopefully also in RAID1).  Everything I can find states that the RST drivers supports Trim in RAID0 & that the RSTe drivers supports Trim in RAID1 (bios versions permitting).  The current drivers for this server are the RST drivers.


      My questions are this:

      1. Can the RST drivers (bios permitting, I've yet to reboot to find out what bios it's running) do trim in RAID0 & RAID1, or just RAID0?
      2. Can the RSTe drivers be installed on this board in place of the RST drivers if #1 is a no?  From what I can tell, it seems like they are interchangeable but I'm not 100% sure.
      3. Once I set this up, how do I know TRIM is actually working before it's too late?  Will the Intel SSD toolbox actually detect something other than an unknown RAID array & allow the SSD optimizer to run?
      4. This is more a curiosity question, but what are the differences between RST & RSTe?


      Thanks for any help you guys can give!