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    DX58SO Audio issue: I am stomped! Need answers!


      Hello all, I have run into a peculiar issue, and I am hoping someone out there might give me some insights.

      The situation: I just put together a new pc with the Intel DX58SO, i7-920, 6Gb OCZ DDR3, nVidia 8400GS, WD Raptor 36Gb HDD, Windows 7 RC x64.

      The build went smooth as butter, the pc runs like a banshee; could not be happier.

      The problem: I have a brand new Samsung 40" lcd tv, and among the usual culprits I have an old Athlon XP 2500 based pc hooked to it as an htpc. So now I decided to replace the old pc with my brand new baby, so I just unplugged all the cables from one, and plugged into the other. So I boot the pc...NO SOUND!! What the....Ok, let's figure this out...I plug in some old pc speakers..sound works just fine...plug back into the tv...nothing. Shut down, plug the old pc back in...sound works just fine...shut down, plug the new pc back in....still no sound....went to the Intel site downloaded and installed the latest drivers...nothing helped....plugged another set of pc speakers in...sound works fine.

      Observations: the only difference between the two sound systems is that the old pc uses an onboard AC97 for VIA, not the Realtek HD Audio; also the pc sound is connected to the tv by a 1/8" stereo minijack to RCA (red/white) cable, while the video is done by a DVI to HDMI cable...again the connections are identical, but the new pc's sound does not come out of the tv: the Realtek HD Audio Manager indicates that the jack is in the port, and when the test button is pressed, visually indicates that the sound is being sent to the speakers.

      As I said, I am stomped. If anyone has any ideas, please...PLEASE chime in.

      Thanks in advance.

      The Cleaver