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    Intel DP35DP Dual Video Cards - Computer won't POST


      I'm trying to run 3 monitors using 2 video cards. One is a PCI-e and the other is a PCI video card. However, when I install both graphic cards, my computer will not boot up. There are no beeps, nothing comes up on the screen. I cannot even access the BIOS page. I have tried to plug 1 monitor into each of the 3 DVI ports, one at a time, but nothing comes up. I have already gone into the BIOS and changed the video from "AUTO" to "PCI-e" and "PCI" but neither configuration works. I have the updated BIOS and firmware as well. The 2 cards I am trying to use are both Nvidia cards (8800GTX and 6200).I have also tried to used each card individually and they both work when the other is not plugged in.


      My current specs for my computer is:

      Intel DP35DP Motherboard

      4gb Kingston RAM

      Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 2.4Ghz

      Windows Vista Ultimate 32bit

      Seagate 500gb HD

      Seagate 2tb HD in RAID

      750w PSU




      Could it be that I don't have enough power? Any other solutions? Please help!

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          Well you gave out all the specs, except the ones that count the most: the video cards. No mixing ATI and nVidia right? (sorry, I had to ask) Still it sounds like power starvation to me. Does the pc post with either of the video cards in it? If so, then it just might be an issue with the psu. Did you buy a quality psu? Some of the cheaper models barely pack enough amperage on the 12v rails for one video. If you are sure that none of the video cards are individually responsible for this behavior, you should buy an 870w psu and try that. Check the store's return policy just in case; Best Buy has one of the best return policies around; you should consider buying there.

          Also if the board is still under warranty, place a trouble call directly with Intel, just in case they might know something about this situations.

          Let us know how it turns out.

          Best regards

          The Cleaver

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            Sorry for the late reply. School has been busy. The video cards are both Nvidia. I just got a new PSU. 1000w BFG Tech. It did not solve the problem. The computer still will not boot with both cards in. Do you think that it might be a mobo problem? I am going to try to warranty my mobo next and see if that might be the problem. Any other suggestions would be helpful. Thanks!

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              Did you ever get this figured out? I have almost exactly the same problem.