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    Edison Arduino Board (Connection issue)


      Hey guys,


      Just received an Edison Arduino board to play around with. Seemed to go ok with the "get started" tutorials (Edison Getting Started Guide - Mac )

      Setup was just fine, naming the board, setting pw, wifi access.


      But now it seems I cannot connect back into yocto screen when I enter:

      "screen /dev/cu.usbserial-A402IWEN 115200 -L"

      (note: this is after I close out from terminal and open a new screen)


      It returns "Sorry could not find a PTY" and goes back to terminal main screen.


      As far as connection to the board, I am still able to use the Arduino IDE to upload the "Blink program" and that seems to be just fine.


      Any idea, what might I be doing wrong or if the ports are still being used?

      Any and all help is much appreciated from the community and thank you in advance.