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    SoC register documentation and upstream kernel support


      I'm in the process of getting acquainted with the Edison, and it's becoming apparent that the hardware documentation for the Merrifield/Tangier SoC doesn't have any public documentation from what I can tell.  That's kind of a bummer because I wanted to do some kernel hacking with it, as it's my first non-PC Linux platform.  Has anyone been able to find relevant documentation?


      I did find the 90,000 line patch for 3.10 drivers for the board — and I currently have that running on the 3.10.55 stable kernel release (rather than the older 3.10.17 release that came on the board).  That part all seems to be working fine for me.


      However, I'm interested in getting a newer kernel release running on the device (for the eventual goal of mucking with the USB gadget subsystem), but it seems that none of the Tangier support has landed in the upstream Linux tree.  Particularly, I've noticed it missing in mfd_hsu serial driver and the early_printk_intel_mid driver; lacking serial ports makes it difficult to tell what else is going wrong with the boot sequence.  Can someone from Intel comment on if/when proper upstream drivers for this hardware will be submitted?