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    Intel Video 965 Chipset Windows 7 Deleted Resolution Support


      How can we get Intel to re-enable 3840x1200 resolution in their driver set for Intel 965 chipset for Vista and Win 7?

      It used to be there for Vista, and was there for the drivers used in Win 7 Beta.

      The new drivers pushed out thru windows update, and available from Intel downloads, no longer enable 3840x1200 support.

      My Matrox DualHead2Go adapter that I use on my laptop no longer drives my dual 24inch monitors (1920x1200 each).

      Dissapointing downgrade, and I can't see why they would update a driver to remove functionality that worked well in earlier drivers.

      I also cannot find the back level drivers that once worked for Win 7 Beta.

      Any thoughts?