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    RAID Problem on a Dell XPS 8300


      Hi there,


      after a sudden power outage, my Dell upon boot reports a problem in the RAID configuration. I attach the RAID configuration page as photo.


      WP_20141012_17_48_41_Pro (1024x562).jpg


      I have no clue what that means. It looks though, like one of the two hard drives has a problem, although the overall one TB of storage (2 times 0,5 TB) still seems to be fully available. Kind of hard to understand.


      Amazingly, the reported problem does not cause a lot of trouble when working with the machine. I have issues like some software does not start anymore, but 90% of the time, the machine runs well.

      I performed hardware tests, and the drives themselves are fine, so it is a software problem (which Dell would not fix, even during the warranty time).


      Still, it probably wil get worde with time, and I need to fix it. I could just delete the RAID volume, but wouldn't that result in loss of data? Or are they lost anyway?


      Can anybody point me in the right direction?

      Appreciate it.