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    Intel 6235 WiFi card (for Dell XPS 2310) loose connection, very unstable - Replacement/Alternative?




      I am extremely annoyed and fed up by Wifi connection on my Dell XPS All in One desktop. The Intel's 6235 Wifi card looses connection, does not connect, or just keeps disconnecting as soon as it it connects. It makes the computer unsable.


      I have followed this issue on Intel's forum post (https://communities.intel.com/thread/31090?start=1125&tstart=0) which have been going on for more than a year. They recently closed the post after posting a new version of the driver and claiming that it is fixed (even though people complained that it is not fixed).


      I have uninstalled, restarted copmuter and re-installed the latest drive (and software) from Intel's website (version 17.1.0).


      Now, all I want is my computer to run a stable internet connection.

      Can someone suggest me a wifi card (slim profile I think) that would fit in this computer. I want to try to avoid USB wifi cards.