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    Intel AC 7260 5GHz VHT & uAPSD = Limited Access in WIndows 8.1


      As of right now I am running 7260 on, latest functional driver for Windows 8.1.


      Ever since the option for enabling/disabling uAPSD is introduced in newer driver version, 17.x.x.x, VHT mode simply does not work anymore. It connects fine to the router but could not communicate with the router at all and ended up "Limited Access" in the Windows 8.1.


      UAPSD Enabled + VHT = Connected but no network access

      UAPSD Disabled + VHT = Connected but no network access

      UAPSD Enabled + HT = No issues running at N speed

      UAPSD Disabled + HT = No Issues running at N speed


      I rolled back the driver to, WiFi works fine again running at 866.7Mbps. Has anyone got 7260 running at wireless AC speed in Windows 8.1 with the latest driver?