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    Keep integrated graphics active without monitor connected?


      Hi. From what I've been able to gather, my CPU's (i7 3770) integrated graphics won't kick in without a monitor connected. The way I've worked around this is by using Microsoft's RDP which apparently makes the integrated graphics kick in. Under screen resolution on my Windows 8.1 machine I can see that before I connect with RDP it says "Display device on: VGA" and after I connect it says "Unknown Monitor on RPUDD Chained DD".  I am not able to physically connect a monitor to this machine, nor a dummy plug, and so I am looking for a way to keep my integrated graphics on even outside of RDP. Currently the application I am running on my machine, a 3D accelerated one, will stop functioning correctly when I quit my RDP session and the display reverts back to "Display device on: VGA".

      So the question is if I can keep the integrated graphics on my CPU functioning even without a monitor connected, when the display shows as "Display device on: VGA".

      Thank you.