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    Sony Vaio & Bluetooth Woes


      Hi I hope someone can help me here.

      I recently bought the Intel AC 7260 Adaptor to upgrade my original 2.4ghz adaptor to a dual Band AC 7260 my laptop is a Sony Vaio icore 7 VPCF22M0E after upgrade I would also getting the Bluetooth 4 to replace my existing Bluetooth 2 (I Think!) also built into my old Qualcomm Atheros network card.

      I disassembled my laptop and installed the new card also taking anti-static precautions and restarted my laptop my laptop found the card and installed the latest drivers I had downloaded from Intel Site.

      I had a few teething problems with Sony Vaio Easy connect software so I uninstalled it after a bit of research and the 5gh and 2.4ghz worked perfectly.


      Now the problem starts I tried to install the latest Bluetooth drivers which went on perfectly in a timely manner it completed and I restarted my laptop as advised, after restart all worked fine but no Bluetooth at all I mean there is nothing in device manager telling me I have Bluetooth and obviously nothing to see or run regarding Bluetooth.

      I have uninstalled and reinstalled the whole system but Bluetooth never ever appears in device manager.

      I talked to my supplier who implied I might have a faulty AC 7260 so I ordered another and again stripped my laptop and installed.

      Same problem occurs wireless part of adapter works fine on both bands but Bluetooth is a no go nothing to see so nothing I can do, I have trawled the web looking and tried everything to cure the missing Bluetooth 4 and I cannot find anything to make the Bluetooth 4 work, any help would be appreciated.


      PS I also installed the PROset  wireless tools package that came with the driver and they are also working great with no problems.




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          Hello Charly,


          This issue is being handled at this link:


          I recommend you checking the information and posting your query.


          Kevin M

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            Thanks for your quick reply and pointing me to link above but sadly this is nothing like the problems I am having as the person in that post has his Bluetooth recognised in device manager which I haven't, I have nothing in device manager to inform me that Bluetooth is recognised however I do have the Network Adaptor listed correctly and is working fine on both bands.

            If I can get to see the Bluetooth part recognised my problem I think would be over.


            Please tell me something I can do to enable Bluetooth on my Sony Vaio as I stated above the last adaptor QUALCOMM Atheros had both Bluetooth and WiFi on same card and worked flawlessly, but it only had 2.4ghz which is no good where I live as there are 30 or more networks around me and traffic is horrendous hence why I needed 5ghz.




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              This can be caused by a compatibility issue between the computer and the device. Another option is that the computer may come with a Bluetooth device and can be causing conflicts.


              We have received reports from users that running Windows Updates fixed some issues.

              My best recommendation is to contact the Computer Manufacture and verify the device compatibility.


              Kevin M