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    Power and boot the Edison


      I'm not sure if this have been asked before, but I'm looking to create a simple breakout board to power and boot the Edison with a DC adapter from a wallet outlet.


      Is this done by simply add a voltage between 3.3 - 4.5 V to ANY (choosing one) of the VSYS pins 2, 4 or 6 AND connecting the PWRBTN# pin 17 to GND (with pushbutton ofc)? I also noticed that DCIN pin 14 should be connected to (ANY?) VSYS pin when powering from a DC adapter, is this correct?


      EDIT: Most of this is described in the Hardware Guide, but I just want to make sure that I got it right! For example, if bridging the DCIN pin to VSYS there's no resistor needed, just making sure

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          You should really apply power to all the VSYS lines to distribute the current, and you do not need a resistor on DCIN.

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            Thank you, that made it clear!


            I also have a question regarding the 3.3V and 1.8V outputs, when pushing the PWRBTN the Edison should go to sleep mode (when booted) thus cutting the outputs so no current can float through them during sleep mode?

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              I was just playing with the power button this morning.  A long press will turn it on/off, but it defaults to on (it comes on automatically when power is applied).


              I don't see any effect of sleep mode.  If I press the power button for a short time it doesn't seem to have any effect.


              I'm also wondering if/how the power button is programmable.  I would like to have the Edison remain powered off when it's powered (or turn off as soon as possible) if that's possible, and require a long press (ideally shorter than what it's set at now) to turn on.

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                I have seen in a different thread that the power button was not programmable.

                Although, for the extremely advanced and certainly at ones own risk, I noticed the pwr_button_handler located in the /usr/bin directory runs as a process which means it most likely could be replaced.

                I have not personally seen any source code or specs defining this - probably leaning towards a fact that we shouldn't.