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    Does DZ77GA-70K offer RAID with onboard Marvell 88SE9172


      I'd like to configure a RAID 0 with the on-board Marvell 88SE9172 (grey SATA ports). Via link from DZ77GA-70K motherboard's intel site page I can get to page Desktop Boards — Configuring Your Computer for RAID with demo videos "Introduction to RAID creation".

      Creating RAID 0 Using Marvell Controller - YouTube video from that intel page shows the process of creating RAID on Marvell ports. This video shows the possibility to change Secondary SATA mode to RAID. But there is no such possibility in my BIOS - "AHCI" value is blocked. Does the Marvell 88SE9172 chipset actually offer RAID? Is it possible to change Secondary SATA mode on DZ77GA-70K (or its twin DZ77RE-75K) ? Does some versions of BIOS unblock Secondary SATA mode value?