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    Edison wifi delay and power saving


      Hi all.


      I connected Edison and PC to the same wireless router. But I got very long network delay and packet loss(about 13%) when ping from PC to Edison.

      When ping from Edison to PC, it works well without pakcet loss. What's the possible reason for this issue?

      output of 'wpa_cli statu':

      root@edison:~# wpa_cli status

      Selected interface 'wlan0'







      key_mgmt=WPA2/IEEE 802.1X/EAP




      Supplicant PAE state=AUTHENTICATED


      EAP state=SUCCESS

      selectedMethod=25 (EAP-PEAP)

      EAP TLS cipher=AES256-SHA

      EAP-PEAPv1 Phase2 method=MSCHAPV2




      Here is the output:(edison ip is, and PC ip is

      PC -> edison
      64 bytes from icmp_req=411 ttl=64 time=91.2 ms
      64 bytes from icmp_req=412 ttl=64 time=8.67 ms
      64 bytes from icmp_req=413 ttl=64 time=68.0 ms
      64 bytes from icmp_req=414 ttl=64 time=117 ms
      64 bytes from icmp_req=415 ttl=64 time=54.0 ms
      64 bytes from icmp_req=416 ttl=64 time=90.7 ms
      64 bytes from icmp_req=417 ttl=64 time=29.7 ms
      --- ping statistics ---
      417 packets transmitted, 357 received, 14% packet loss, time 417057ms
      rtt min/avg/max/mdev = 3.534/72.067/293.075/39.265 ms

      edison -> PC
      64 bytes from seq=412 ttl=128 time=24.924 ms
      64 bytes from seq=413 ttl=128 time=23.978 ms
      64 bytes from seq=414 ttl=128 time=23.282 ms
      64 bytes from seq=415 ttl=128 time=22.311 ms
      64 bytes from seq=416 ttl=128 time=21.854 ms
      --- ping statistics ---
      417 packets transmitted, 416 packets received, 0% packet loss
      round-trip min/avg/max = 3.646/23.182/286.286 ms


      I have read another disscussion about 'edison wifi lateny' https://communities.intel.com/message/252491#252491

      1) I have flashed the latest edison image (edison-image-ww36-14.zip), but the issuse remain.

      2) I have tried both external power and USB to power Edison, but the issue remain.


      Is this issue about power saving or something else? If so, how to turn off the power saving mode on Edison?

      Any reply are welcomed. Thans very much.