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    Problems with installing and running Bluetooth


      I recently upgraded my laptop from Windows 7 to Windows 8.1. Before the upgrade I de-installed the WiFi and Bluetooth drivers for my N-6235.  After the upgrade I ran the Intel Driver Update utility, and I installed the recommended drivers. That is to say, the utility gave me the 32 bit WiFi drivers, so I had to manually get the 64 bit drivers.


      I first installed the WiFi drivers, and then the Bluetooth drivers. The strange thing is that the Update utility still complains that my Bluetooth drivers are outdated. So I de-installed them, and the re-installed them again, but to no avail. At present I have the PROSet/Wireless software for Bluetooth patch version 17.0.1423.2 loaded, and driver version 17.0.1405.0464 .


      The second problem is that I can't get Bluetooth working. I can switch it on and of with Fn + F12, but when it is switched on it will only search for devices, and nothing else. It will stay searching for ever.


      I would be grateful for any help in solving these problems.