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    Intel NUC DE3815TYK - Serial Ports (legacy)




      I'm having some trouble setting up the Intel NUC DE3815TYK with an EPOS receipt printer under Linux.


      The first 40 - 60 characters get through to the printer, but the rest of the data is lost.  The printer / software has been proven to work fine on a more conventional desktop motherboard so i believe the issue to be in the setup / configuration of the serial port or underlying UART.  I'm guessing its a buffer issue, but I'm having difficulty diagnosing the problem without some further information.


      In order that i might be able to further investigate a solution, could I get some details about the legacy serial hardware employed on the DE3815TYK:

      • What type of UART is it? i.e. 8250, 16550A etc..
      • What is the base address for the 2 serial ports?
      • What IRQ's are assigned to the 2 serial ports?
      • Are there any known issues with native Linux kernel drivers?


      My Environment is:

      • Linux Lite 2.0, NUC Edition
      • Kernel version - 3.13.0-34-generic


      The Linux Lite distribution is installed on the internal 4GB eMMC, with the stock vanilla kernel.  I haven't as yet looked into rolling a new


      Thanks in advance.