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    BSOD during installation of windows 7 and 8 on NUC DN2820FYKH


      Hello yall;

      This box was working just fine with windows 8.1 until it started crashing all the times during bootup or after 10 minutes of use with completely different BSOD (from ntfs.sys to kernel to HDMI....) I reformated the box, started installing again windows 8 on 2 different hard-drives, sometimes the computer will freeze during the installation, or i get BSOD.

      Then I decided to test with windows 7 and i cannot install it, i have BSOD during the install as well. After more than 40 installs I decided to post this thread here to find out what else could be done before RMA the NUC. The DVDs were installed on other systems that same week and i even burnt more DVDs to disregard the DVD issue.

      I also tested the NUC to another location to disregard any environmental issue and plugged it straight to the wall outlet.

      BIOS is updated to the latest version

      Changed hard-drives, same issue.

      Will test the memory tonight.

      The dump files do not suggest anything particular, asking either to check for hardware changes or check for drivers and all the threads on Microsoft forums did not take care of the issue. I am leaning towards a hardware issue that time rather than software since the NUC crashes without installed drives and even crashes in safe mode but if someone has another idea please let me know.

      I have 4 NUCs but Im on vacation in another country so i am limited with hardware. The only thing that changed is the voltage, Im in 220 volts here and I am using the plug supplied in the box by Intel.


      The latest BSOD i had was win32k.sys and that happened just after the installation of windows 8 when I rebooted the NUC. Again there is no drive add to this box since it is crashing after the installation.

      Please find attached the latest dump of the crash.


      Thank you.