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    PWM and boot problems


      I'm having trouble booting the Edison when PWM pins are connected. We're using the 4 PWM GPIO pins to drive 4 motors. When the motors are connected and then the Edison is turned on, it fails to boot. But when we disconnect the motors, turn the Edison on, wait for the OS to boot, and then plug the motors in afterwards, everything works.


      Any idea what's going on during the boot process that's causing this setup to fail?

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          Are you powering everything at the same time, or is it possible that the motor connections might e.g. have pullups that are powered before the Edison?  I ask because I had a problem once with an STM32 based system where I was powering an external device before I powered the MCU.  The external device was feeding a trickle of power into the IO of the STM32 that was just enough to make it boot into an unusual state.

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            Hi sl3

            Was the previous suggestion helpful. Let us know if you still have questions.