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    Disappointed with Intel 530 240 gig performance


      I have set this up and optimized it fully but the performance is mediocre at best , yeah a little better than my mechanical HD but not nearly as impressive as i thought it would be or what Intel would have you believe .  On the retail box it says (super fast hard drive replacement) and comes with a Speed Demon sticker lol.


      I hope Intel will rework the firmware to make it a little more impressive .  Not a happy customer

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          Hi Sammy49, may I ask for the conditions you are using to test the Intel® SSD 530? Such as:

          • System model
          • SATA controller and driver version
          • Operating system
          • The benchmark tool used to measure the performance, its results, and any other software being used.
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            I am just wondering why this SSD series is rated so low for speed at just about every review site out there ,  intel says it's super fast but it's anything but.


            The below is just another in a long list of poor to mediocre at best reviews.





            At just 5 months old the Intel 530 Series SSD is the newest SSD in the group test. Unfortunately the 530 uses the same basic formula we have seen going back two and a half years. Sporting a Sandforce 2281 controller coupled with 20nm NAND flash the performance profile struggles with incompressible data and predictably favors reads over writes as with all the other Sandforce 2281 drives we have seen. With peak and average sequential read/write speeds of 498/154 and 454/131 MB/s the 120GB Intel 530 lags the group leaders by 50%. Small file 4K peak and average performance clocked in at 34/101 and 26/76 MB/s which is slightly above average for a leading 120GB SSD. There are faster and cheaper alternatives available in the group test. [Feb '14 SSDrivePro]