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    D54250WYK USB3 problem




      I have problems with the USB3.0 controller on the D54250WYK NUC board.

      It seems that the Linux xhci_hcd driver is not fully compatible with the Intel USB3 controller which results in popping audio when using an external audio device with USB2 Async mode. (Ex.: Audiolab M-DAC)

      I know that this problem is basically a bug in the Linux kernel (xhci driver), but it seems that the Intel USB controller has some weird behavior as well:

      - The internal USB pins on the D54250WYK are USB2.0 ports, but they are also controlled by the XHCI (USB3) contoller which means that the OS is using the buggy xhci_hcd driver for these USB2 ports, instead of the ehci_hcd driver.

      My question is: Would it be possible to include the option of disabling the USB3.0 (XHCI mode) Support in the UEFI BIOS for this board?

      It's actually mentioned in the BIOS setting gloassary document: http://download.intel.com/support/motherboards/desktop/sb/biosglossary_nuc_v03.pdf, so I guess this functionality is already implemented, and it's just disabled for this board.


      There are other people with this requirement as well: switch usb ports from xhci to ehci?




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          I have  an Intel NUC D54250WYK running BIOS V32, Ubuntu 14.04 and Unity with a very similar issue. If I boot with the 290e usb tuner attached and then turn on an external DAC, the Cambridge Audio DacMagic 100, all the USB ports fail. Logs show a xHCI host crash.


          I found two ways to manage the problem.


          1. Uninstall the MythTV backend - undesirable as the 290e is simply not used

          2. Remove the 290e usb tuner during booting. Putting it in after a minute after booting means both DAC and 290e coexist. The same hardware works perfectly well on several other machines without this inconvenience.

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            Actually my above solution no longer works. Any alternatives would be appreciated?

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              Same issue here. Xubuntu, Latest LTS release: 14.04, Trusty Tahr


              I am using an external DVB USB device which suffers from data loss using the linux xhci driver when streaming on my DN2820 NUC. Using two cards on the same hub even causes the usb stack to crash completely.


              A workaround is to disable the first (front) USB port. This forces linux to use the ehci driver which works just fine with the backside USB 2.0 ports.


              But of course this is no satisfying solution. While the bug itself might not be intels fault (though I wouldn't bet on that yet even though linux is known for USB 3.0 issues ;-) )


              PLEASE RE-ADD the Bios option to disable XHCI in the bios! (Why did you remove it anyway? The more options in the bios, the better...)





              p.s. an option to disable USB power in S3 sleep mode (not only S5) would also be highly appreciated...