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    DX79TO: USB3 Hub-Problem and/or Bios Maintenaince Problem




      I've bought a new monitor: a HP Z27i, that has an integrated USB3.0-Hub;



      when I plug in the USB cable into one of the two USB3-Ports on the rear,

      the operating system (Windows) detects a 'Renesas Electronics USB 2.0 Hub' and doesn't function anyway;


      when I plug in the USB cable into any USB2.0-Port,

      the operating system (Windows) detects a 'Generic USB Hub', and everything works fine,

      but only with USB 2.0 speed ...


      (would there be a workaround like this: installing another USB 3.0 controller into a PCIe x1 slot

      with a different chipset - I tested this USB 3.0 hub on my other computer that has a different USB 3.0 controller on board and

      detects a 'Generic USB Hub' as expected)


      the other problem, when I power on the computer there isn't shown any start screen

      (Intel logo plus the menu keys - F2, F9, F10, ...)


      the graphics card is the same as before, the only difference: before the old monitor was connected

      with a Single-Link-DVI cable and this new one is connected with a Dual-Link-DVI cable;


      please can someone help me for a solution on how to get the start screen back;