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    Intel HD 4000 driver update problem!



      Can someone help me pls!

      I have a Asus VivoBook - S500CA (Intel® Core™ i5 3317U Processor)

      Operating system: Windows 8.1

      Graphic..: Intel HD 4000

      I couldn't update the driver to the latest Version: I tried (Manual installation) uninstalling the old version & installing the new version method and it didn't work. I have sent an email to the manufacturer asking them to provide a compatible updated version for my pc. but it's taking so long. Is there any other way we can update the driver?

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          It must be an integrated graphic card? Same here. I've been wanting to update my driver its also Intel HD 4000. Did your computer manufacturer gave you some advice?

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              Hi Amshad


              Is there a specific error that you see when you try to install the Intel HD Graphics driver?


              Could you try the following steps and see if this works? Please follow the steps exactly.



              1. Login with administrator privileges

              2. Open Control Panel

              3. Open Device Manager

              4. Click on "Display adapters"

              5. Double click "Intel HD Graphics"

              6. Click on the "Driver" tab

              7. Click on "Update Driver" button

              8. Click on "Browse my computer for driver software"

              9. Click on "Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer"

              10. Click on "Have Disk" button

              11. Click "Browse"

              12. Navigate to the folder that you unzipped the Beta Intel HD Graphics driver to

              13.Navigate to the Graphics sub-folder

              14. Double click the igdlh64.inf or igdlh.inf file <-- depends on if you have 32 or 64 bit OS

              15.Click "OK"

              16. Click "Next"   Driver should now be installing.

              17. If successful, click "Close"




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                Hello Robert,

                Thank you for the reply

                It's showing an error message which says " The driver being installed is not validated for this computer.Please obtain the appropriate driver from the manufacturer". I tried the steps as you said and i don't know why, but I could not find the igdlh64.inf or igdlh.inf file in the Graphics sub-folder or any other folder. I am using windows 8.1* 64 bit.