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    Edison Wiki?


      There's a lot of good knowledge floating around these discussions. Was thinking it would be great if we could have a repository of tricks and tips that people could refer to without having to trawl through lots of posts. Does such a thing already exist? And if so could someone point me at it.


      I've been keeping a text file full of direct links and tips and shortcuts. Last weekend I made it to the Mountain View Intel Roadshow and used it to quickly set things up. The people next to me saw what it was and asked me to email it to them. By the end of the day I ended up sending it out to quite a few people.


      That sort of thing is something that should be collaboratively maintained. I thought of setting up a wiki myself, but it makes a lot more sense for Intel to have one associated with these communities.


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          Hi raminf,


          This is a very good idea. We have a documentation section where we publish documents about Edison: Support. Right now we are working on make more public documentation available. Hopefully soon we will fill this section with more documentation and useful tips as you mentioned. Please be patient.