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    The Arduino IDE 1.5.3 for Galileo doesn't work on windows 7 x86 (IT)




      I apologize for my English ...

      I downloaded a few days ago (2-3), the IDE  to program Galileo(Galileo Software Downloads), unzipped in C: \ by 7-Zip, but this doesn't work.

      Launch the welcome screen and then disappears. I have read that it is a problem of language or region of OS (mine is Italian) and I saw that someone has solved the problem by simply changing the language of the OS or by how in this link: [solved] Arduino Ide 1.5.3 for Intel Galileo won't start - Arduino Forum

      I have done both, but the problem persists...anyone know how can I fix it?

      please do not respond ... change the OS from Italian to English (US) ...