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    openwrt image





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          Nice!  One of our team's goals was/is to investigate whether OpenWRT could be run on the Edison, and, if so, how.  Would you mind sharing your recipe for getting to this point?  Many thanks!

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            grab the prebuilt x86 ext4.img from their barrier breaker release dir, mount it on a computer, change the /etc/inittab to spawn a getty on ttymfd4. copy over the firmware and kernel modules from the edison and boot it. no wifi tools in that image so that's about all that you can do with it. And I suspect that uboot is enabling the watchdog, and this image isn't disabling it. 


            Been trying to get a working openwrt image built by hand, but no luck as yet. The kernel version matching the edison release doesn't build on openwrt, and I usually end up doing the patching by hand, but the intel patch is around 100k lines, so it's not worth my time. 

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              echo 1 >/sys/devices/virtual/misc/watchdog/disable

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                Is anybody actually working on this.  I have been using and have quite a lot of experience with OpenWrt, and I would really love to see a native OpenWrt build for the Edison.


                There are two issues to be sorted:


                1. Kernel - ideally this should be a 3.18 or 4.0 kernel as these are the ones being worked on in OpenWrt


                2. U-boot - while this is not 100 essential a U-boot with squashfs support (which the current one in Edison haven't got) would be really "neat"


                I have zero experience with Yocto/Poky and I find it utterly clumsy compared with OpenWrt which is lean and mean.  While OpenWrt _can_ technically be used on an ext4 partition the "right" way of doing it is a static squashfs image with configuration and extra packages on overlay.


                I will be working on this - time permitting - so if anybody else are interested please do get in touch.