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    Invalid PROSet Wireless setup.xml for Unattended Installation


      I downloaded and extracted the v. "Kona Intel Wireless Driver for 64-bit Windows" from Lenovo. I want to do a silent, unattended installation, and used the following command to attempt this:


      Setup.exe -q -l C:\ProsetInstall.log -c setup.xml


      Setup invariably fails with "Exception: Configuration Error: Unable to apply configuration: setup.xml". I've tried several permutations of selected components in setup.xml. Below is my current setup.xml. The insert syntax highlighting feature seems a bit glitchy, so you may see some unexpected line endings...


      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
          <Configuration Id="default">
              <SelectableFeature Id="WIFI_Driver" Display="no" Selected="yes" />
              <SelectableFeature Id="WIFI_BTHS" Display="no" Selected="no" />
              <SelectableFeature Id="WIFI_Software" Display="no" Selected="yes" />
              <SelectableFeature Id="WIFI_MWT_Software" Display="no" Selected="no" />
              <SelectableFeature Id="WIFI_UI" Display="no" Selected="yes" />
              <SelectableFeature Id="WIFI_PROSet" Display="no" Selected="yes" />
              <SelectableFeature Id="WIFI_Admin_Toolkit" Display="no" Selected="no" />
              <Package Id="WiFi">


      Any obvious problems?

      I've also tried:



      WIFI_Driver, WIFI_BTHS, WIFI_Software, WIFI_PROSet

      WIFI_Driver, WIFI_Software


      I would rather not install the WiFi utility, but do need whatever bits are required to support pre-login (machine) authentication.


      Thank you!